Wasn’t able to join us for the Sixth Open Research Cloud Alliance Workshop, May 22, 2019? Check out the videos and presentations.

Location: Cisco Systems, 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20004

Welcome to the Open Research Cloud Alliance (ORCA) 

Welcome to the Open Research Cloud Alliance (ORCA), which is a global community organized effort to establish and promote research technology standards that foster interoperability between and among scientific research clouds.

With the recognition that the need for collaboration will only grow, we have chosen to act on our own behalf, self-organizing to first articulate those areas where current practices interfere with researcher collaboration and inter-cloud sharing of resources and data — and to come to a consensus on how to address them.

Once completed, the ORCA Declaration will be a living document that will provide direction to developers and service providers (institutions and companies alike) to encourage greater alignment around best practices.

It is our intention to be open, agnostic and inclusive as to the types of cloud services used by researchers — recognizing that the research community is by nature diverse, innovative and creative in its use of technology.

We are also committed to an approach that supports interoperability without forcing homogeneity — indeed, arguing for a facilitating “fabric” of services that will allow each scientific cloud to retain its character, focus, policies and practices. We are keen on leveraging the work already being done globally by many diverse groups to support aspects of such facilitation – and to avoid “reinventing the wheel” where matured solutions are already available.