Washington, DC: May 22, 2019

Hosted by: Cisco

Location: Cisco Systems, 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20004

Sponsored by: Data Machines, Microsoft, National Data Service, West Big Data Innovation Hub

Sixth Open Research Cloud Alliance Workshop

Space is limited, so please register at your earliest convenience.

Agenda and Presentations


The Open Research Cloud Alliance (ORCA) is organizing their sixth workshop, bringing stakeholders together to address common challenges to realize secure, data-sharing collaborations across multiple organizational and administrative domains through the use of federation technologies.  The NIST Cloud Federation Reference Architecture (CFRA) is nearing completion and offers a solid framework to (a) understand the entire federation design space, and (b) enable the identification of practical federation deployment and governance models that will address real-world needs.  In collaboration with NIST, the IEEE P2302 WG is addressing areas of federation-specific standardization based on the NIST model.

Hence, at this point in time, it is critical for key cyberinfrastructure and research thought leaders — from both academic institutions and commercial cloud providers — to coordinate their efforts concerning:

  • Key scientific, industrial, and governmental use cases,
  • Possible concrete implementation approaches using existing tooling and standards,
    • e.g., WS02 and OpenID Connect,
  • Desired federation governance models,
  • Possible Proof-of-Concept implementations, testbeds and all other possible efforts,
  • Integration and reuse of existing federation-related tools and systems,
    • e.g., InCommon and eduGAIN,
  • Agreement on best practices that can guide standardization efforts,
  • Promotion of standards whereby interoperability and commercial maturation can be enhanced,
  • Necessary compliance requirements for operational systems, and
  • Plans for on-going, long-term coordination efforts

To this end, this first workshop will provide an orientation on the NIST CFRA, an overview of research, industrial, and governmental use-cases, presentations of alternative approaches to the deployment of federation platforms, and the ORCA Testbed initiative.  Subsequent workshops will focus on technical delivery of a testbed, ideally based on the NIST CFRA, deployment of a federation management platform, and the demonstration of real-world use cases.

Khalil Yazdi, ORCA Chair, Yazdi & Associates, khalilyazdi@outlook.com
Craig Lee, ORCA Co-Chair, The Aerospace Corporation, craig.a.lee@aero.org
Martial Michel, ORCA Co-Chair, Data Machines,martialmichel@datamachines.io

Agenda and Presentations