Vancouver: May 24, 2018

The Fourth International Open Research Cloud Congress to be held on May 24th 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hosted by:  The OpenStack Foundation and ORCA

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre

Building on the progress made at the first three meetings in 2017 and more recently, the joint meeting of ORCA and National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in March 2018, we are looking forward to the Vancouver Congress and making further progress the formation of ORCA as a federation of research clouds and regional federated cloud initiatives.

The goals for this congress include:

  • Finalizing the draft declaration as the foundational understanding under which ORCA will be governed and function,
  • Agreement on the scope and sourcing of conventions and soliciting participants and
  • Finalizing the scope of (and participation in) a proof-of-concept/test-bed for supportive services

The agenda for the meeting will provide an update on the progress to date, including an overview of the individual and joint efforts of ORCA, the NIST/IEEE P2302 working groups, the work of data management groups as well as how those efforts align with NIST/IEEE P2302. The working sessions will also cover identity federation, security, auditing, governance and other technical and policy aspects.


Please take the opportunity to register.

As before, we will be supporting remote participation. If you are participating remotely, please register here.

For in-person attendees, please register here.

In-person attendees will also need to be registered for the OpenStack Summit. For those only planning on attending the ORCA meeting, there is a one-day pass for Thursday (the $399 fee provides access to the full Summit program and covers meals, refreshments and room costs). Hotel information is also provided on the Summit site. Please use register here.


We are also accepting contributions towards costs of the event. Recommended event sponsorship levels/amounts are: Bronze: $2,000; Silver: $5,000; Gold: $8,000; and Platinum: $15,000. Of course, any and all contributions would be welcomed! EGI has graciously agreed to act as the fiscal agent for ORCA. If you would like to contribute, please contact Yannick Legre, Managing Director EGI Foundation ( or Khalil Yazdi (

Agenda and Presentations