Sydney, Australia: November 8-9, 2017

Third International Open Research Cloud Congress

Hosted by: NECTAR and The OpenStack Foundation               


Location: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre – Sydney, Australia

We are looking forward to the Third International Open Research Cloud Congress and making further progress on the development of the ORCA Declaration. Our thanks to NECTAR and the OpenStack Foundation for sponsoring and hosting this meeting in Sydney.

We had an excellent meeting in Amsterdam and learned about the cloud interoperability initiatives underway in Europe, heard from some excellent use-cases that highlighted the need for collaboration across clouds and made progress towards understanding the technical challenges that need to understood and resolved.

As at the Boston and Amsterdam meetings, the agenda reflects our desired coverage and outcomes for the Congress. We have some great presenters but would welcome anyone who would like to contribute to the various panels to join in – ultimately, the Congress is intended to be highly interactive and open and importantly, to reflect the interests and views of the research community. In addition to our continuing work on the drafting of the ORCA Declaration, our ambitions for this Congress include:
  • collecting new insights on the challenges facing research clouds — benefiting from the perspectives, insights, and experience of our Asian colleagues;
  • validating the scope of coverage – through use-case presentations where increased interoperability and federation are a concern and hearing from our technical colleagues on the development side; and
  • exploring solution pathways that would support interoperability and allow for the implementation of the Declaration objectives.

ORCA is looking for individuals to volunteer and to get involved in its Working Groups by committing time to some specific working groups where they feel their expertise will be well utilized.

Agenda and Presentations