Amsterdam: September 27-29, 2017

Second International Open Research Cloud Congress

Hosted by: The EGI Foundation

Location: Science Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Second International Open Research Cloud Congress aims at continuing the open dialogue among representatives of the academic research community, major funding and national policy agencies, and industry from a dozen countries, about the need for international cooperation and collaboration between and among private and public clouds supporting scientific research and a frank exploration of the pathways towards meeting those needs.

The Open Research Cloud is a collaboration of the international community supporting scientific research computing. Having recognized that a number of significant obstacles continue to interfere in the ability of globally dispersed researchers to effectively collaborate. If left unaddressed, we believe that such obstacles will have negative consequences for research and innovation.

The Inaugural International Open Research Cloud Congress, held on May 11th-12th  2017 in Boston, kicked off the drafting of an Open Research Cloud Declaration that describes the conventions that the community is prepared to adopt and support for enabling international scientific research computing on clouds. In this second edition we will continue the effort to reach the needed consensus to deliver such declaration.

Agenda and Presentations