Amsterdam Agenda and Presentations

Second International Open Research Cloud Congress, The Science Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 27-29-2017 

Day 1 (September 27th)

13:00-13:30: Arrival and Refreshments

13:30-14:30: Welcome and Introduction, Khalil Yazdi, Yazdi & Associates

13:30-15:15: Recap of Boston Congress, Overview of Agenda

15:15-15:30: Break

15:30-16:30: Summary Updates from Working Groups

16:30-17:00: Open Discussion

Day 2 (September 28th)

08:30-09:00: Arrival and Coffee

09:00-09:15: Welcome and Overview of Purposes

09:15-10:30: Current and Ongoing Federation Initiatives (Focus on European Initiatives)

  • Kalle Happonen (CSC)
  • Markus Van Dijk (SURFsara)
  • (GEANT)
  • Enol Fernandez (EGI)

Coverage: Panel with representatives of current community federation initiatives from Europe

10:30-10:45: Break

10:45-12:00: Why the Federation of Research Clouds is Important: Use Case Presentations

12:00-12:30: Lunch

12:30-13:30: Perspectives from the Trenches – The Technical/Developer Viewpoint

13:30-14:15: Why the Federation of Research Clouds is Important: Use Case Presentations

14:15-14:30: Break

14:30-16:00: Solution Approaches to Enabling Federation

Panelists: (Cisco), (Box), Enol Fernandez (EGI), Doina Cristina Duma (INFN)

Coverage: Perspectives on current efforts and practical obstacles to bursting and to hybrid open compute enablement

16:00-17:30: Open Discussion

17:30-17:45: Recap and Next Steps

Day 3 (September 29th)

08:00-08:15: Coffee

08:15-08:45: Recap from Day 2

08:45-09:15: Drafting of the Declarations: Breakouts, Working Groups

09:15-12:00: Drafting of the Declarations: Driving to Consensus

12:00-13:00: Next Steps and Planning for Sydney Congress